Tips & Tricks for Low-income Families that Struggle

I don`t know if you noticed, but the economy of our times is getting tougher with each passing month. Not only low-income families, but also the middle-income ones sometime have a hard time to make it through the day and trying to live as comfortable as possible. That`s for families, but what about single moms living from paychecks that come once a month? Is $350 per month enough to take care of a baby? This calls it for some tips & trick take out of the bag to make it at the end of the day.

Organizing your Budget

The very first thing single moms or families with a low income need to do is organizing their budget. It probably sounds somehow self-explanatory, nonetheless, it`s as important as breathing. If you don`t set your budget and at the end of the month you can`t put away $3, you`re most definitely doing something wrong.

organizing family budget

One way can be to set have a savings account that has limited withdraws. Another way may be to have an account with a set date when you can access it. A savings account can make wonders when it the need of some quick money, but you need a very strong will so you don`t remove funds unless you really need them. Funds for “rainy days’ are a-must when you have a child because emergencies are always near the corner.

Using Coupons

All women, mothers included, like to shop. And if you have shopping included in your budget, that`s pretty great. This means you can afford it. Even so, coupons can really be good friends when doing your monthly shopping. These days you can get them pretty much anywhere in the online environment. One of the easiest ways is by subscribing to online newsletters. You can also look through shopping magazines or between the aisles of your nearby store. They don`t usually offer very large discounts but when you are on a tight budget saving every penny counts.

A lot of people don`t really choose Target over Walmart, probably because of location reasons and such. What many of them don`t know is that Target has often prices that are cheaper than Walmart. I remember not long ago I went at Target to do my monthly shopping and had a coupon for specific products worth of 20% off and had also a coupon for 50% off of my whole purchase, and I went paying around $30.59 from a $100 bill. How cool is that? And all because of using coupons!

Avoid Gambling

I know life is tough and sometimes you don`t see a way out, but trying to get lucky won`t do it. And here are included the $1 scratcher tickets as well. If you purchase lottery tickets rather than put the money into savings, those are lost money. I know that somebody told you they know someone who at some point won an XX amount of money by playing the lottery, but that`s like 1 in 1.000.000 chances, if not more. You could play your entire life every week and still not win it. If you put away $1 each week and not use it to buy any gambling tickets, you will save $52 in a year. It`s not much, but it`s an amount of money that at some point can help you buy something for your kid.

Shortly speaking, life can be tough, especially if you don`t have enough money. But there`s always light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to think positive, make your way with what you have and maybe tomorrow will be better.